Memcached and PECL memcache on CentOS and Fedora

At Tag1 Consulting we do a lot of work on increasing web site performance, especially around Drupal sites. One of the common tools we use is memcached combined with the Drupal Memcache module. In Drupal, there are a number of different caches which are stored in the (typically MySQL) database by default. This is good for performance as it cuts down on potentially large/slow SQL queries and PHP execution needed to display content on a site.

cfengine 3.3.0 packages for Fedora / CentOS / RHEL

As I've used cfengine less and less recently the packages in Fedora and EPEL have been a bit neglected. At one point someone stepped up to update them, but then nothing ever came of it. I've finally updated the packages to the latest upstream version as of this writing (3.3.0) in Fedora 16, Fedora 17, Fedora Devel, and EPEL 6. They should be pushed to the updates-testing repos for each of those releases soon if not already there. There are some package changes since the last 3.x release, so any testing people can do would be appreciated.

Stop Disabling SELinux!

I see a lot of people coming by #centos and similar channels asking for help when they’re experiencing a problem with their Linux system. It amazes me how many people describe their problem, and then say something along the lines of, “and I disabled SELinux...”. Most of the time SELinux has nothing to do with the problem, and if SELinux is the cause of the problem, why would you throw out the extra security by disabling it completely rather than configuring it to work with your application?


CentOS Continuous Release

The CentOS Continuous Release repository (“CR”) was first introduced for CentOS 5.6, and currently exists for both CentOS 5 and CentOS 6. The CR repo is intended to provide package updates which have been released for the next point release upstream (from RHEL) which has not yet been officially released by CentOS yet due to delays around building, testing, and seeding mirrors for a new point release.


New Site

Updating the site and ended up dropping the old stories, at least for now...

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